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Feliz Cumpleaños [Dec. 21st, 2004|06:01 pm]
I feel so old.
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Bad day... [Aug. 5th, 2004|08:48 pm]
So, I had a car wreck today. Read more on it at my site:

And man, I was supposed to go to the DMV and get my license tomorrow...

Dear life,

Please suck more.

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Poetry [Jul. 9th, 2004|02:09 am]
Not my best, not my worst. Comments welcome. Enjoy.

[Heaven on Earth]

the waking gleam of the sun's eye
casts my shadow behind me
figured keenly, and like myself
but I, it will never be

daylight shines through the sky
and lo, before me, I see
the heavenly bodies, angels and all
but one shines most fervently

the crisp curls, of her hair
the eyes, oh so emerald green
her harp, playing melodiously
i was entranced, bathed clean

she came down to me, outreaching
smiling so ever gently
whispering kind words
the pain struck at me

"heaven on earth, some day soon
worry not, my little child
dance all night, play by day
be your every mild"

her hand touched my face
fingers so calm, so soft
she wisped away, to the sky
back to the clouds aloft

my shoulders sagged
i fell to my knees
i'd been blessed
but felt not worthy

world toils, and demons below
hath not forsaken me
but only I to myself, have
and stand alone, waiting

waiting for that heaven to come
and rise me off my knees
to fill me up, with hope and desire
when oh when, will you come to me?

Bryan Denny
2:38pm 7/7/04

[Eternal Door]

abyss found beyond
emptiness dwells within
the void never ends
i step through the portal
and find myself nowhere
except where i began before
i know not what to expect
what to feel, what to do
i'm torn by forces unknown
they rip at me, bone by bone
my flesh skinned, my eyes sore
i look for the exit, for the door
eternity passes me by, and yet
all i see is darkness around
howling screams, and yipes of pain
dusk to dawn, never remains
death escapes my wishes
life chooses not to stay
forever here, shall i abhor
until saved, by that door

Bryan Denny
2:09AM 7/9/04
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Weekend round up: [Jul. 5th, 2004|03:32 am]
Because slightlyleftofcenter.com is down. Expect this to be removed when its back up in the morrow. Heh, maybe:


Friday: My parts finally came in! Woo. Matt Poore came over around 2ish, and he hooked me up with a pretty cool game called Gothic. Interesting, enough. I showed him off some Jedi Academy, and let him play around with it for a bit. Then we left to hit the 4 o'clock movies. Spiderman 2 rocked. There will defiantly be a 3rd. Afterwards, we walked over to Taco Bell and ate, and went off to his house- just doing various stuff. He showed me off some of his equipment, toys, goodies, etc. His pedal equipment rocks. Went home, and spent the night away.

By the way, Matt's awesome CD stereo system was his boom box behind the seats. That's great man, great.

Saturday: Shopping day. Hit Barnes and Nobles for some English books, along with a couple of SAT books so I can figure out some things and hone my skills for round 2. Also hit Best Buy so my mom could buy my dad Wonder Woman DVD set as an anniversary present. Also went to Target, but pretty much was just looking around. I jotted some thoughts down. Night spent away.

Sunday (today): Church and grandmas. Hit it home for a bit, and my bro came over a while later. Hooked my rig up, working pretty good. Sadly, the memory stick that came in the bundle was a dud and didn't work (but we had some others to put in). Things went along pretty smooth, Windows didn't freak out and didn't have to spend half a day reloading that.

Went over to Caitlin's house for some "fireworks" around 8:45ish. A short walk later and a bit of resting and I was treated to some delicious strawberry-shortcakes. Yum. Thanks Cate, I know I feel a bit fatter now. Soon as it finally got dark, we went out side with her parents and lit up some stuff. Some pretty stuff, sparkly stuff, and some blinding-your-frigging-eyesight stuff. It was fun, and better than just staying home and doing nothing.

Hmm. Thinking. Pondering. One of those things in life I enjoy doing. A lot, sometimes. Sometimes, hardly. I thought some tonight. The essence of two worlds, just compels me into a split. I think I'll do some cleaning up of my desk and computer room in general because of it.

Last time, perhaps it was jumping from a burning ship to a safer one. This time, no. I don't want it to be like that. I want to be genuine. Not some sympathy vote for an election.

Things happen. And I say things for a reason. Its not a cry for attention. Its not to flag down another ship for help. Its to put things in point, perhaps things that have been there. I don't want to ruin things. Or else I'd never had said anything.

I just hope you understand me well enough.
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First and perhaps only entry... [May. 22nd, 2004|01:09 am]
This is mainly test out the functions of LJ and for my ability to post with a name to others LJs. Other than that, scram on to my site:

http://www.slightlyleftofcenter.com/mandaria/ (if above doesn't work try this one, if both are down, then site is down).

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