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UNC Drum camp [Aug. 7th, 2005|03:28 pm]
Well I'm at home for a little bit (like an hour to re-pack, shower, and stuff) before I go off to the beach with Jenn. I went to UNC drump camp this weekend, and it wasn't too bad. I made bass drum, but there were way too many people for just 7 basses, so I'm now on cymbals. And these cymbals are hawt. I mean, like if our highschool ever did the stuff they did, I would have loved to play cymbals. Bass parts were *extremely* hard. Like everything was based off of 16th note runs and other funky stuff. I have all the music for bass, so I'll be sure to practice that up if I want to try again next year. For now cymbals are awesome. My body is aching all over though, from standing for so long and hardly ever using these upper body muscles. Augh.

Well, see you all Thursday.